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Misted Windows


What causes misted units?

Misted glass in windows is caused by condensation or a broken seal.

Condensation: It happens when warm, humid indoor air meets a cold window, creating moisture droplets on the glass. This is common in temperature differences, especially during winter.

Failed Window Seal: When the seal around double or triple-pane windows breaks, it allows air and moisture between the glass layers, causing condensation that can't be cleared. Replacement of the window or glass unit is usually needed.

How do I know if I have a condensated unit?

You can determine if you have a condensated glass unit by inspecting your windows. Here's what to look for:

Visible Water Droplets: If you see moisture or water droplets on the inside of your window glass, especially during temperature changes or high humidity, it's a clear sign of condensation. This is a common occurrence in most homes, particularly in colder seasons.

Consistent Fogging: If the foggy appearance on your window glass doesn't clear up and persists, it's likely due to condensation between the panes, especially in double or triple-glazed windows. This can be an indication of a more significant issue, such as a broken window seal.

Check for Seal Damage: Inspect the edges of the window unit, looking for any signs of damaged or deteriorated seals. A damaged seal can allow moisture to enter the space between the glass panes, leading to persistent condensation.

Reduced Insulation: If your windows seem less efficient at insulating against temperature and sound, it could be due to condensation between the glass panes, as the insulating gas may have escaped.

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I have a misted unit, do I have to replace the whole window?

You do not have to replace the entire window if you have a misted or fogged glass unit. In most cases, it's possible to replace just the affected glass unit, keeping the existing window frame and frame components intact. This approach is both cost-effective and practical, allowing you to restore the clarity and insulation of your window without the need for a full window replacement.

I have a patterned design, can you match?

Upgrade your windows and maintain the aesthetic harmony of your existing design with our sealed unit replacement services. We specialise in seamlessly matching your current window styles, whether you have Georgian bars, leaded designs, or any other specific features. Our expert team ensures that the replacement sealed units not only enhance energy efficiency but also seamlessly integrate with your home's overall appearance. Enjoy a refreshed, stylish look without compromising the design you love.

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Is it expensive and a big upheaval to change a sealed unit?

Replacing a sealed unit in a window is not as expensive or disruptive as you might think. It's a cost-effective solution that preserves your window frame, causes minimal disruption to your home, and effectively restores clarity and insulation without the need for a full window replacement.

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